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Empark Crand Hotel Changsha
Empark Crand Hotel Changsha 89 USD

Saint-Tropez Hotel (Hunan Interntional Convention & Exhibition Hotel)
Saint-Tropez Hotel (Hunan Interntional Convention & Exhibition Hotel) 92 USD

Royal Seal Hotel, Changsha
Royal Seal Hotel, Changsha 55 USD

Changsha Hotels

There are more than 20 hotels with star grade, most of which concentrate in May 1st Road and August 1st Road...

Changsha travel guide

It lies in the west bank of Xiangjiang River in Changsha, it has been famous scenic spot since the ancient times. the foothills are the main scene here...

Changsha introduction

hangsha, the capital of Hunan province, lies at the center of Central China, and it is important for the traffic between the south and the north in China; the east of Changsha is blocked by the Luoxiao Mountain that connects to Jiangxi province...

Food of Changsha

Hunan cuisine is one of the national eight main dishes, with heavy oil and thick color. The main taste is prominent, especially it is good at tartness peppery fragrant fresh Dried salted food, thus many names of the dishes disappear like wind...

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Welcome to Changsha!
EnglishSimplified ChineseTraditional Chinese
Hotel Name Star Price
♦ Empark Crand Hotel Changsha89 USDBook
♦ Saint-Tropez Hotel (Hunan Interntional Convention & Exhibition Hotel)92 USDBook
♦ Royal Seal Hotel, Changsha55 USDBook
♦ Preess Rsort&Hotel, Changsha85 USDBook
♦ Vienna International Hotel-Changsha Furong Branch31 USDBook
♦ Zhongtian Hotel40 USDBook
♦ Tongtian Hotel, Changsha56 USDBook
♦ Jolly Hotel, Changsha53 USDBook
♦ Southsea Hotel, Changsha33 USDBook
♦ Changju Hotel, Changsha30 USDBook
♦ Changsha New Century Hotel55 USDBook
♦ Jasmine International Hotel, Changsha52 USDBook
♦ Dolton Hotel Changsha, Changsha74 USDBook
♦ Zidongge Huatian Hotel Changsha45 USDBook
♦ Hunan Civil Aviation Hotel Hunan30 USDBook
♦ Skyer Gold Coast Hotel37 USDBook
♦ Huaya International Hotel57 USDBook
♦ Zixin Hotel, Changsha40 USDBook
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