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Welcome to Changsha!
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The amusement in Changsha

To a different place city, always needs to go strolls the local bar, the bar is manifesting a city cultural atmosphere after all, also can decide in the certain degree whether you do like a city.
Liberates the west road is the bar street which Changsha emerges in recent years, although does not compare three miles to store the bar the bunch of integrated group, but also respectively has each characteristic, moreover scale all big somewhat. Famous flutters, at first by "six pulses mysterious sword" and so on the characteristic cocktail attracts very many people to patronize, afterwards has become the situation gradually which the young friend gets together, there atmosphere quite is warm; The huge golden color time passage by performs an art the program and KTV primarily, is local business best recreation area at present, the holiday position nearly all needs to prearrange, otherwise goes late step is listens to the server to apologize; the warm dancing bar might as the name suggests, but also had east Holland DISCO, always was Changsha liveliest DISCO one, again was the Norwegian forest, commands, Marguerite and so on, attracted the swim all the race in the city night.

Under introduced some recreation places

Recreation places


ChangSha big Kunlun Fairyland

Yuanda First road 146

Long Sharon trust club limited company

Cotton rose middle road 133

ChangSha city populace amusement park

Zhongshan Road 90 bugler corporals

ChangSha city Hualong cate entertainment city

Hexizuojialongzhong Near the school of south industry college

ChangSha city Dragon Town club

Huangxing middle road 131

ChangSha city Nanfang Fairyland

Huangxing south road 90

ChangSha city Pacific Ocean entertainment city

Yuanda First road 168

ChangSha city Taige club

Cai¡¯e north road 298

ChangSha city Tongle electronic recreation room

Clay street double great wild goose 2nd

Changsha sun city entertainment limited company

Cai¡¯e the middle road 201st

Changsha Wanli limited company

Working road 442nd

Changsha satellite entertainment city

Exhibition hall outer space world entertainment city the third floor

Changsha Xianghua bowling entertainment limited company

Disenthral east road

Changtan market night of harbour Island entertainment

city cotton rose area Yang Jiashan a loop line multi-level crossing bridge northeast corner

Big Jinshun entertainment limited company Changsha subsidiary company

Zhongshan Road 188th

Holland garden good food entertainment city

Yang Jiashan along (Hunan) one Loop line

Hunan AO¡¯sha entertainment limited company

to beautiful village head iron high-rise construction 19th buildings 29th floor5,1

Hunan Portman international club

Exhibition hall road 6th

Hunan red sun entertainment limited company

Stadium road 1st

Hunan Huikang cate entertainment city

Jianxiang road 430

Hunan Jinlun entertainment city

Leek garden 265

Hunan golden color mountain village leisure entertainment limited company

Exhibition hall road 38

Hunan Mikelaulun racing car club limited company

Shaoshan north road

Hunan enterpriser action center

Shaoshan road 478

Hunan province exhibition east dancery

East-wind road 5

Hunan Willey amusement limited company

Exhibition hall road 6

Hunan Weisika entertainment limited company

Working road 360,City Sports Commission indoor pool

Hunan culture entertainment center

Shaoshan north road 137

Hunan Yinzhou stock limited company

Rongyin bridge

Hunan Zhengben harbour Island entertainment city limited company

Five-one east road 90

Hunan Catalpa garden entertainment industry limited company

Catalpa garden road 421

Huali palace£¨Hunan£©entertainment development limited company

Exhibition hall road new 25

Huatian culture entertainment development limited company

Disenthral east road 380

Youth club

Station road 26

Hill-river culture entertainment limited company

Wulipai office integration building

Satellite entertainment limited company(China and foreign countries joint venture)

Exhibition hall road 6

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