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Welcome to Changsha!
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The Festival celebration of Changsha

>>April eight
on April 8, is the Buddha birthday, when the Southern Dynasty namely has is the date by the perfume bathing the buddha, altogether makes custom of the dragon congress. Changsha ancient has makes the Ukraine rice (to be named blue fine food). Does not have sub- makes a vow toward Buddhist temple to beg. Liuyang's some places, this day will write has "in April eight, Buddha ancestor. The wool girl, please ascend the sky "the paper assumes" ten "the glyph to paste in the main hall porch pavilion, it is said may guard against the larva aculeata tile maggot.

>>Dragon Boat Festival
This day, the Changsha people for commemorate Qu Yuan to hold the dragon boat race competition specially, the people from several dozens miles to the Xiangjiang River, the Liuyang river, Laodao River both banks well up, looks for the advantageous terrain to watch. After the lunch, races boats Dragon King joins the bow, the boat race starts. On the ship the young hero along with the percussion instrument rhythm, raises the arm raises waves, to go with courage firstly, the both banks like stadium, many pepole, the blunderbuss artillery noisy day, the shout moves. Still luxuriouss the sports event to the evening, some append the race in the sixth day date, the match finishes to hold ceremony to deliver Dragon King. The folk thought delimits the dragon boat to be possible go away the disaster. Liuyang Xinkai area, in the fifth day of the fifth lunar month preceding month, the battle drum urges the human, says the dragon boat drum, the villagers joyful reunion trains, the dragon boat race atmosphere arrives ahead of time.

>>June six
Ancient names days sell the festival, the popular name "the cup official birthday". The official, also called the Fan official, hands down is god of the disaster. ShiĄ¯ricity sets up an altar and chant scriptures, by going away the disaster. The peasant family take the paper-cut as the field god, on spreads the chicken blood, lifts it in the bamboo pole, each field inserts, calls to respect the official. Some kill the rooster in the fifth watch to offer a sacrifice to in the field, calls to offer a sacrifice to the official, go away the disaster in order to steady abundant. The scholar insolation exposes to the sun the calligraphy and painting, the woman sun-dries the precious clothes. The temple word hall sun-dries the Confucian classics genealogy and the Bodhisattva long gown, therefore is the other name exposes to the sun the spectrum festival, the proverb cloud: "In June six, the human exposes to the sun upper and lower garments dragon expose the robe".

>> Changsha city and countryside temple fair
Changsha the temple stood in great numbers since old times, the incense and candle was exuberant, had the size temple fair by the temple to have numerous number, has formed the old times Changsha city and countryside general working people's folk cultural life. Old times in the Changsha city and countryside temple fair, the ceramic male temple fair was the big scale , affects one of far temple fairs. This temple is located on the Changsha County betel pear town Linxiang mountain. Meets two ceramics male Bodhisattvas birthday -- lunar calendar in first lunar month every time 13 and in August 17, The populace can from catch up with in all directions participate do obeisance offer a sacrifice to the activity, in the temple the incense and candle burn the day, the clock beat a drum the sound, enters the mushrooms audiences, crowds one another, becomes a big beautiful scenery. Changsha area besides ceramic male temple fair, but also has other many temple fairs. These temple fairs and the ceramic male temple fair compare, only is differs from in the content and the scale.

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