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Welcome to Changsha!
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Food of Changsha

Hunan cuisine is one of the national eight main dishes, with heavy oil and thick color. The main taste is prominent, especially it is good at tartness、peppery、fragrant、fresh、Dried salted food, thus many names of the dishes disappear like wind.

The introduces of some special features snack

>>Hotchpotch (as a dish)
It is the first of traditional family meals, expressing the happiness and content of the whole family. The materials of the dish are quite simple, firstly, put the winter bamboo shoots into the boiler with hot water to cook for about five minutes, then fish them out and cut them into small pieces that like willow leaves, at last cut them one inch long. Secondly, wash the agarics and rip them open, then cut them into pieces like dominos. Thirdly, cut the chicken gizzard and chicken liver into thin slices, and cut the cuttlefish into small slices that about one inch long. Fourthly, put the burger and egg roll on the earthen bowl to steam until they are ripe. When it is the time for serving, take them out and put them into a big soup plate again.

>>Hundred Birds Heading towards Phoenix
It is a traditional Hunan cuisine, symbolizing the happiness of the whole family gathering together. Firstly, choose and kill a fat and tender hen, when there is no blood in it and no feathers on it, skin the mouth shell and the foot skin, then cut about one inch long chicken skin open between the neck and the wing to take out the esophagus, the stomach, the trachea . Secondly, horizontally make about a one and a half inches long incision into the anus, then take out the left internal organs of the chicken and clean them. Thus, the whole physique of the chicken has not been destroyed. Thirdly, keep on steaming the entire chicken with strong fire until the chicken is soft, then put ripe eggs without eggshell in and go on steaming the chicken for about 20 minutes, then you can take out the steam plate from the boiler at once, pour the original soup into a clean pot and turn over the chicken to put it into a large bowl. Fourthly, trim the pieces of ginger, bring the original chicken soup to a boil in which add mock pakchois, mushrooms, when it is boiling again, take the pot away from the fire and pour the soup into the large bowl that has chicken in, at last, scatter peppers with right amounts. Thus, a delicacy has been finished, having the hunch of the chicken, eggs and mock pakchois floating around the entire chicken, which likes Hundred Birds Heading towards Phoenix.

>>Group Hut Shark Fin
It is also called the Stewed Shark Fin, the traditional but famous Hunan cuisine. It is made with fine materials and unique accomplishments . Must choose the dorsal fin, discards the dross and selects the essential. In addition, choose a hen, a front elbow of the pig, and prepare shelled fresh shrimps、dried scallops、mushrooms and so on with right amounts. Put the hen and the pig elbow together and bring them to a boil with fire that is not too strong or too weak, then steam them with weak fire to take the soup. After the shark fin is swell, steamed with the meat or fish soul, then put shelled fresh shrimps、dried scallops、mushrooms and so on to steam until they have been very ripe. The dish is of mellow flavor、soft shark fin and rich nutrition, it is the titbit among all the dishes actually.

>> Sub-dragon Doffing Garb
It is a traditional Hunan cuisine with eel as the main raw material. During the manufacture process, the eel should be cut open, and be picked the bone out, be cut its head away, be taken off the skin and so on. Especially, in the process of taking off the skin of the eel, it looks like the process of ancient military commander doffing his garb, so the dish is named^Sub-dragon Doffing Garb ̄. The dish is not only with unique manufacturing methods, winning universal praise, but also with special name that is thought-provoking, attracting many celebrities all the time. Nowadays it is only supplied in the Lotus Hall of Another Village Restaurant.

>>The overlord named Bieji
It is a traditional Hunan cuisine published in the end of the Qing Dynasty. The main raw materials are the soft-shelled turtle and chicken, with the seasoning such as mushroom, ham, cooking wine, onion, ginger, garlic and so on. It is boiled first and then steamed. It is of fine manufacturing methods and an unique eating way, also it is fresh and delicious with rich nutrition. Once you eat it, it could keep your teeth fragrant, it is a top grade dish on the feast.

>>Three-wraps Chicken
It is a traditional Hunan cuisine, it is one of the famous cuisine made by the famous cuisine named Liu Sanhe. At the end of 20th century, Lu Diping was in charge of Hunan and his wife Mrs.Sha suffered headache. The doctor suggested him a sparrow, a culver, a black-bone hen, wrapped with tuber of elevated gastrodia, then steam them as a soup to cure the headache. According to the suggestions, Liu Sanhe put a pigeon into the hen, put a sparrow into the pigeon, and put tubers of elevated gastrodia and medlars and so on into the sparrow. Thus, three animals were wrapped and steamed to be ^three-wraps Chicken ̄ which was very famous and popular in high places at one time.

>>Color Mushroom and Eggs without Yolk
It is a famous and traditional dish of Changsha, it has been very popular since the period in 1930s. It is the most important to control the level of attainment, it must steam to be ripe with no egg white flowing out so that the shape can not be destroyed. The eggs without yolk made by Chai Haiyun, the surface of the eggs were smooth、fresh and tender that had not been broken. When the customers eat it, they often acclaim.

>>Changsha seed of hemp with crispy fried duck
The dish is soft、crisp、 tender and fresh, it is praised by the customers all over the world. Choose a fat duck that is fine breed as the main material, firstly, pour some peanut oil when cook, and put the seeds of hemp and the duck into the peanut oil when it is 60% heat, keep pouring peanut oil on the surface of the duck to fry until the seeds of herm are golden yellow. Secondly, pour out the peanut oil, then scatter peppers on the duck and pour sesame oil into the boiler, put the duck out and cut it into small pieces. Thirdly, put the small pieces in the plate tidily, and match with the head, the wing and the web to show the duck could be on the table. It is of beautiful style, soft color, and fresh fragrance with long aftertaste.

>>Three Masterpieces of the Cow
They are referred to: ^the beef many plies as hairline ̄、beef tendon braised in soy sauce、braised cow brains, they are made with fine accomplishments. In order to make the first dish, you should choose the ruga part of the walls inside the abdomen of the cow, then cut it into thin pieces as the hair, it is of beautiful colors、tart and hot taste、crisp and tender quality. It has five tastes such as tart、hot、salty、fresh、crisp.
In order to make the second one, you should choose beef tendon, adding the Chinese cinnamon, the Shaohsing wine, pieces of the onion, ginger slice and so on. It tastes soft、nice、fresh and spicy.

>>Fried bean curd with odor
It is the famous snack of Changsha with delicious taste. It smells odoriferous but tastes nice, which is its major characteristic, many people from other provinces are of full praise after taste it.
In Changsha, the most delicious bean curd with odor is supplied in Fire Palace which is about 100 old. The surface is burnt that tastes a little crisp and the inner is soft and fresh.
The fried bean curd with odor is popular with Mao Zhedong when he studied in Changsha, as it is cheap and taste nice, it is great to have meal with it.
It is made with fine materials and unique accomplishments. Generally speaking, at first make use of Liuyang lobster sauces with high quality, adding winter bamboo shoot, mushrooms and Qujiu(a kind of wine) to boil them into bittern, then marinate the tofu embryos with high quality in the bittern. After 3-5 hours, pick the tofu embryos out and clean them with clear water. After the draining, heat the top-grade oil of green tea to be hot and then pour it into the tofu embryos, fried them to be burnt with weak fire. Put the bean curd with odor that has been fried into the plate, and pour on some seasonings such as chili oil, sesame oil, soy sauce and so on, at this time, an attractive fragrance salute your nostrils.

>>De Yuan steamed stuffed bun
It is made of fine materials. The sugar stuffing is made of white sugar, candy, rose sugar, and sweet osmanthus sugar that are mixed together, which taste sweet and delicious. The corporal punishment is made of good muscle which is mixed with the seasoning such as mushrooms, frozen oil and so on, it tastes oily but not heavy.

>>The steamed dumpling with the dough gathered at the top as the chrysanthemum
It is one of the popular foodstuffs. The surface of the foodstuff is bright, the vent on the top is strewed like the chrysanthemum leaves with yolk, after which it looks more beautiful. The sticky rice stuffing is soft but not overripe, every rice is countable.

>>The Blood of Pig as the Fat of Dragon
It is refer to the blood of pig that has been processed, which is so tender and smooth that it tastes delicious as the dragon¨s liver and the phoenix¨s fat. The raw material of it is the fresh blood of pig. Then mix the blood that has made with dry capsicum powder, winter cabbage and sesame oil. It taste a little spicy but crisp, and it is so smooth and tender that is extremely delicious. Especially in winter, you will feel warm and enjoy the better internal organs of the whole body after you have a bowl of hot pig blood.

>>Yang Yuxing Noodles
It is of right materials、fine accomplishments and rich seasonings. The noodle is tough but soft with nice flavor. They care much about rich soup, clean water and the boil. The soup is braised with old hell and the bones of pig. There are scores of the seasonings such as the popular shredded meat and the top-grade ovary and digestive glands of a crab and so on. There are all kinds of the seasonings, you can order what you want.

>>Sisters¨ Dumpling
It takes the rice as the raw material and is divided into two kinds: the sugar stuffing and the corporal punishment. It is porcelain white, bright and shining, small and exquisite. The dumpling with the sugar stuffing is sweet but not heavy, while the dumpling with the corporal punishment is fresh and tender that tastes nice, it is glutinous and soft with special flavor.

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