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Welcome to Changsha!
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The best tour time in Changsha

It is suitable for traveling all year round except summer when is the hottest season of the year. In Changsha, spring comes after mid-February when the weather is changeable, so the tourists had better wear more clothes against cold. The summer comes in the last ten days of May, though Changsha has the name of the stove, you must be covered with the quilt to sleep in ravine even during the dog days. The autumn begins in mid-August, the temperature is usually between 15 íŠ and 20 íŠ, at this time it is balmy autumn day, you may go to the Orange Continent to visit the red leaves. The winter comes at the end ten days of November with the average temperature about 5 íŠ, sometimes it snows here when you may go up the mountain to visit stalactites of snow. In a word, the autumn is the best time for traveling in Changsha.

Tourist salvage and consulting phone

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Time desk
Medical emergency desk
Civil aviation info query station
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