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Welcome to Changsha!
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The shopping of market in Changsha

Changsha's lively land sector in the east bank of Xiangjiang River Zhongshan Road, 51 road, Huang Xinglu, first two all is the commercial area of concentration, but Huang Xinglu is rebuilding a walk street at present.
The Changsha craft, the native products element has the great reputation, the Hunan tea is the well-known both in China and abroad precious tea, the taste mellow is delicious; Hunan embroiders is the Chinese four given names embroiders one, composition exquisite, embroiders the skill to be exquisite; Hunan chinaware, history glorious, is approved by the human is "white lik th jade, clear like the mirror ,the thin like paper, sound like Qing", sells well domestic and foreign; In addition, the eiderdown product, the bamboo carving and so on all are the quite famous special product.

The special product in Changsha

>>Chrysanthemum stone carving
The chrysanthemum stone carving is Liuyang County's unique handicrafts, each work uses the production to carry on the carving with the chrysanthemum stone carving shape in more than 200 million year ago, Therefore each work all is the independent forming, Not two works quite the same. It is reported, so far, the world only Liuyang produces this kind of natural stone, therefore, the Liuyang chrysanthemum stone carving have the reputation of "the whole world first". This statue chrysanthemum like the chrysanthemum, the stamen and pistil has the unique pistil, the double pistil, three pistils and does not have the pistil, has the the type of similar bamboo leaves chrysanthemum, the embroidered ball black nightshade chrysanthemum, the dandelion chrysanthemum and the Jinqian chrysanthemum and so on. Carves the entertainer to use these characteristics of chrysanthemum rocks and flowers, exquisite carves, to arrange the leaves and flower petal, embellishes, the relief becomes the chrysanthemum. In recent years, to breakthrough plane modelling, developed to the three-dimensional multilayered flowers and plants, and caused the character to enter this unique handicraft, like carved "Huang Chao to chant the chrysanthemum", "the prostitute scatter flowers" and so on the character myth story work.

>>The Liuyang fireworks firecrackers
It is produced in Liuyang County, had more than 1,300 years production history, enjoy a good reputation the world by its craft unique, the variety diverse, the decoration artistic, the variety gorgeous, the sound clear, the color fragrant is complete, sets off the security. The fireworks are the Liuyang biggest manual profession, has " nine in ten family to explode" saying. Produces the firecrackers 4 big kinds, more than 100 varieties; Fireworks 12 big kinds, more than 300 varieties. Product best-selling in nation and world 56 countries and area.

>>The copper official earthenware
The copper official earthenware produces in the Wangcheng County Tongguan town, is known to be "ten miles ceramics cities", was one of our country ancient times five big ceramics. Had more than 1,000 years production history. The product has the fine arts ceramic, the building ceramic, the hygienic ceramic, the everyday use ceramic, the Shi ceramic 5 big kinds, more than 360 varieties. The everyday use ceramic cup, the small dish, the trough, food cylinder, three use the earthen bowl novel and so on, the design exquisite, both practical, and is artistic. Imitates the Tang tea set loftily plain, the glaze resembles flows the rosy cloud, the style is unique. Fine arts ceramic, building ceramic, modelling alone East tradition artistic feature: Character, beast, lifelike; Glazed tile resplendent in gold and jade green; The parapet screen tall and straight is beautiful; The ancient flowered window exquisite is exquisite. The Shi porcelain household utensils originate for the nation, it by fine ceramic building and construction projects semifinished product, with system porcelain craft processing, impressed colored glaze, product quality of material exquisite like porcelain, firm like stone, modelling novel, decoration succinct, plain refined, craft careful, variety many, the glaze color is rich, the modelling has a distinctive style and is well-known to everyone.
Consummates along with the production technology and the equipment unceasing development, the copper official earthenware has formulated five big kinds, the nearly thousand varieties and dozens of kinds of different glaze colors, the tradition and the glaze color substitute by colorful, the many and varied new products, widely applies in the social life, deeply people's affection. The copper official's fine arts ceramics theme widespread, rough is bold, rich traditional features.

>>Hunan embroiders
The Hunan embroider origins from the folk embroidery, Had more than 2,000 years history. Already discovered the earliest material object was an unearthed Longfeng chart in 1958 from Changsha Chu grave . In 1972, Mawangdui Han grave unearthed 40 embroideries clothing and a shop woolen embroidery brocade. These embroidery designs reach 10 kinds, embroiders the line to have 18 kinds of appearances, and has utilized the many kinds of acupunctures, achieved the needle foot neat, the line is free and easy, embroiders the labor skillful boundary. To the Qing Dynasty, Changsha embroiders spreads the city and countryside.
The artistic feature of Hunan embroiders, main performance for image vivid, lifelike, the sense of reality is intense, it is take the rough sketch as the main source, " the needle is on half of pen", "by the line iridescence", in pursues the rough sketch original condition sedulously in the foundation, carries on creating art again. Therefore its unique technique, in the "using the needle and line". Hunan embroiders the acupuncture to be changeable, the primary is mixing the needle, and according to displays the different physical images, the different spot natural texture different request, develop to more than 70 kinds of acupunctures. Have thousand line colors, according to each kind of different rough sketch theme, utilizes each kind of different acupuncture, selects and matches each kind of homochromy step to embroider the line - silk thread or the woolen thread, relies on the acupuncture the special expressive force and embroiders the line the gloss role, causes physical image which embroiders generates, not only is preserving the rough sketch original words charm, moreover through the embroidery craft, has increased the physical image authenticity and the stereoscopic effect, played to the general drawing art effect that unnormal. So that Hunan embroiders alone becomes a school, Hunan embroidered to the end of the Qing is in vogue, surmounting Suzhou embroidery, already not name of along the embroidery.
Recent years created the difficulty enormously "two-sided entire different to embroider". On the transparent bed charge, both sides respectively embroiders a subject together, the unified whole. Like embroiders the screen "Hua Mu Lan", embroiders is Hua Mu Lan distribute as a man, wears armor and carry weapons; The other aspect embroiders the flowered. Mulan wears the beautiful clothing, combs installs the appearance. Which from looks at the same time all flawlessly, unified whole. Hunan embroiders the theme widely, style diverse, the embroidery is richly colorful. The famous embroidery has the traditional name brand "the tiger", "the lion" and "hundred birds face the phoenix "and so on the hung picture; Has attains "the province superior product" hundred birds, hundred fish, hundred flowers, hundred children, hundred butterflies "500" quilt cover; Also has multitudinously two-sided entire different embroiders Hunan to embroider the high-quality goods. Is deep the foreign friend to like, product best-selling world each place.

>>The down clothing
It was Changsha already the long famous special product enjoys a good reputation. It famous the Chinese and foreign by manufactures, the fabric nature carefully superior is clean. At present Changsha's down clothing has developed to several dozens varieties, more than 400 designs.

>>The stone carving artware
Changsha area is rich in the wonderful stone, stone carving art is also popular along with it, It is most famous by the Liuyang chrysanthemum stone carving, the Changsha smoky quartz stone carving and the Changsha valley mountain inkstone .

>>Liuyang red fetters wooden
The red woodenly fetters is for the hamamelideceae, often the green bush or the microphanerophyte, It is precious flowers and plants which enjoys leaf and view flowers, the manufacture bonsai's. Its setting up condition varied, branches and leaves luxuriant, whenever the flowering season, the inflorescence decorates the full branch, magnificent wonderful and beautiful, extremely magnificent sight. No matter orphaned plants, the group plants is all suitable very much, It is the best tree seeds to watch one of flowers and plants in garden, therefore calls "the plant panda". Has the red leaves safflower, the green leaf safflower two kinds of colors, also has, the pale red division purplish red. Flower petal belt-shaped linear, 4 ~ 8 had been born on the small branch, the bud is the mixed-bud, after the flower bud opens, at the same time the new tree top tender leaf safflower pulls out the flower and the opening. Take the Spring and Autumn Period two seasons as thriving flower season, each time the flowering season can continue for 30 days, in good situation of growth condition, throughout the year obviously safflower. Red fatters wooden compatible, happy cloudy, happy wet, but also bears the drought, bears the sunlight, the adaption slight acidity soil, is most suitable for growth in south of Yangtze River, may transplant south of Yellow River.

>> The Changsha famous tea collection
Changsha area is rich in the tea, the Tang Dynasty poet has "the Hunan capital exudes the light flower" the topic to chant, faces the time to five dynasties horse Chu king, Changsha growing tea industry prevails for a time, becomes one of Changsha financial revenue main origins with the north tea trade. The Changsha tea famous work converges, most famous has the Gaoqiao silver peak, the Changsha jasmine tea and Ningxiang Wei mountain Maojian.
Gaoqiao silver peak tea: Produces in Changsha County's Gaoqiao township. Here is situated at under the Jade Emperor peak, periphery the massif folds the green jade, the river lake complements, soil layer deep, rainfall abundant, the climate is temperate, is always township of the famous tea. The Gaoqiao silver peak tea characteristic is: Foliate even, strip rope tight thin curl, luster Paris green even, the superficial pekoe like cloud, piles up one on top of another resembles the silver mountain peak to be ordinary. After swells, soup color crystal clear, the phyllotaxis tender uniform is bright.
Wool point jasmine tea: Has the unique flavor, its rope tightening, tea thick mellow, the flower fragrance fresh spirit, pure is lasting. After swells the color of the soup is green bright, the phyllotaxis uniform is tender, bears swells, after drinks full mouth keeps the fragrance, for flower-scented green tea class outstanding person.
Ningxiang Wei mountain Maojian tea: Hands down for the Tang Dynasty high quality goods. Northeast our country the border area national minority, always regards Wei mountain Maojian the tea to judge tea for the most precious ritual. Wei mountain is natural basin on the big mountain system, topography is high and steep, the group peak surrounds, the forest is luxuriant, the fog year to year does not disperse, therefore has "the long and trying journey to face the Wei mountain, does not see the mountain when human in the Wei mountain" saying. Here tea garden is the black sandy loam, the soil layer deeply, humus rich, the tea tree fully suffered the rain and dew to moisten, therefore deep-rooted and flourishing, stem strong and fat, cilia many, holds tenderness to be strong, is the best raw material to manufactures the famous tea. After the manufacture tea, the leaf margin micro volume, assumes the laminated shape, takes the form of the orchid, the luster yellow bright and smooth, the body throws over the pekoe; After swells the endosarc, the soup color orange yellow bright, smoke fragrant thick, taste mellow sweet tasty, the style is unique.

>>The Liuyang fireworks
Liuyang fireworks are the renowned at home and abroad Hunan tradition is special product and mainly one of export commodities, craft fine, the quality is outstanding, once attained the American Chicago ten thousand countries expositions the excellent prize. Liuyang manufacture fireworks firecrackers, enjoy the great reputation, enjoy reputation name of "township of the firecrackers" .

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