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Welcome to Changsha!
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The traveling guide of Changsha

>>Yuelu Shan Mountain
It lies in the west bank of Xiangjiang River in Changsha, it has been famous scenic spot since the ancient times. the foothills are the main scene here, which contains knaps¡¢low mountains¡¢rivers, lakes¡¢the circle of zoology and botany and human landscape etc.. the highest peak in the mountain is 300 meters, while the water of Xiangjiang River are flowing slowly under the foot of it. It might be praised for its beautiful and infinite scenery.
The sight of Yuelu Shan Mountain are made up with natural scene and human landscape, the sight of natural scene is very unique¡¢precious¡¢quiet and beautiful.
Unique is refereed to the thick forest of Yuelu Shan Mountain where there are thousands kinds of plants. You can find every famous wood species such as privet¡¢gingko¡¢the camphor tree¡¢tree fern¡¢bitter oak and Chinese sweetgum etc., even you can find the old trees that more than one thousand years old. And there are flowers and trees everywhere here such as peach blossom¡¢white jasmine¡¢yulan¡¢calyx canthus¡¢orange osmanths¡¢lily¡¢lotus and rose etc.. they are so colorful that the mountain looks like a beautiful picture.
Precious is refereed to the flourishing of the procreation of the wild animals. There are many kinds of birds singing and flying across the forest such as thrush¡¢oriole¡¢cuckoo¡¢and woodpecker¡¢parrot¡¢owl and so on. While in the deep forest there are animals that are partly hidden and partly visible, showing up now and then such as fox, goat, hare, pheasant and so on.
Quiet is refereed to thousands of quiet gullies and thousands of quiet springs in Yuelu Shan Mountain. If you come here in winter, you may have chance to visit the flying snow everywhere on the mountain that looks extremely wonderful, which was known as was one of the eight famous sceneries of Xiao Xiang, the evening snows above the river.
Beauty is very easy to find, as it is beautiful all the year round on Yuelu Shan Mountain. The snow is beautiful in winter, and the flowers in spring are beautiful as well. While autumn comes, it is beautiful not only the scene, but also the flavors, as many kinds of fruits are ripe, such as the pomegranate, the Chinese chestnut, southern orange, spine date. Also the beautiful red leaves, they are so red that seems lonely but imposing and you will not call off attention once you see them, a dark red dream will be taken hold of when you caress it gently in the center of the palm.
There are many scenic spots on Yuelu Shan Mountain that is about 100 places, in which contain natural scenes and celebrity vestiges as well, moreover, has temples of Buddism or religion palaces. There are famous scenic spots such as the Cool Breeze Canyon, the Love Late Pavilion¡¢Lu Shan Temple¡¢the Cloudy Foothill Palace¡¢the White Crane Spring¡¢the Avalanche Stone and so on.
The cool breeze canyon is located at the mountain foothill academy the valley land which goes to the foothill mountain temple, here trees luxuriant, the shade is rich, the mountain stream circumferential flow, three relies on the peak, scenery is beautiful , makes one swim enters the boundary that forget anything . In the cool breeze canyon not only had China ancient times the ¡°loves the late pavilion¡± which one of four famous pavilions, but also had the Buddhist temple famous truncation stupa, had Liudaiyi and JiangYiwu grave and so on.
The loves the late pavilion being located in the cool breeze canyon, constructed in the Qing dynasty Qianlong 57 years (in 1792), the old name was red leaves pavilion, latter "Mountain Line" "on far cold mountain and stone road was slanting, the white clouds deep place had others. Stops the seat to love the maplewood evening, the autumn leaf red in February flower "the poetic sentiment according to Tang Du Mu, changes name to loves the late pavilion. Loves the late pavilion stand by four red columns struts, the eaves stand at the summit, the pavilion angle flies curls upwards, view it resembles from the distant place flies high wants to fly the shape. The harvest can have absolutely, moreover also certainly not only so simple to keep one, two shades. Leaves loves the late pavilion right side, crosses on the bridge to ascend, then obviously the scenery, has a look the limpid water seepage ,drinks tea which a cup spring blister leaves, thinks the matter, the taste in the heart was different. ¡¡
The maplewood pavilion distance likes the late pavilion not being far, was looks like a relatively simple cabin, the nearby has the end of the Qing mountain foothill academy school supervisor Chengsongwan to engrave "puts the crane" and "two south poems engraves" the prose.
Crosses in the maplewood pavilion is the stupa not far away. In front of the tower the stele carving has "the Sui stupa" the character, its back inscribes "altogether constructs the bodhi" the character. The tower side is the blue gorge, is covered with the orchid the cliff ditch on two side escarpments.
After crosses the maplewood pavilion, obviously in the cool breeze canyon has several graves, respectively is the grave of revolutionary party member Liudaoyi, Tanliming and Jiang Yiwu. Xinhai helps the Hubei people five person to protect the country to die in battle the officers and the public cemetery, as well as Xiaowei martyr's grave and so on.
The halfway up the mountainside pavilion is a hexagon ancient pavilion, the simple eave and the tile, is located at the above of the grave of Tanliming, under the grave of JiangYiwu, this pavilion constructs at the halfway up the mountainside, this land sector the mountain style is steep, the scenery is certainly good.
Foothill mountain temple is important scenic spot of Yuelu mountain. It is located at the mountainside, may be up the mountainside pavilion in the line by the halfway. This temple beginning constructs in the Western Jin Dynasty Taishi four years (the A.D. 268 years), suffers repeatedly burns down, also duplicate constructs repeatedly. Lu mountain temple is composed by the front door, the Maitreya religion palace, the big and grand precious palace, five views halls, the clock drumtower, the view construction and so on Chinese style pavilion.
The Lu mountain temple front door is the decorative archway type, center above carves "the ancient Lu mountain temple" four characters, the gate tower two sides carves the famous couplets hung in front of a hall "the Han Wei initial scenic spot, the Hunan first Buddhist temple". After enters the front door to set free a captured animal the pond obviously, for as soon as enters the palace Maitreya religion palace immediately, Buddha dam makes an offering the maitreya Buddha.
The Maitreya religion palace left has the bell tower, the palace¡¯s right is the drumtower. Two enters the palace is the big and grand precious palace, namely the main hall, occupies in the temple the central position, surface extravagant seven, enter to depth of six house, is the double-eaved roof, in the palace Buddha dam consecrates the three embodiments of buddha image, is grave to the limit. Left side of the big and grand precious palace is five views halls, uses in the temple the monk audiences going to eat. The reception entertains guests at a banquet the reception room is located the big and grand precious palace the left front, but eminent monk preaching place is located the big and grand precious palace right front, this namely making the speech of scripture hall. Goddess of Mercy Chinese style pavilion is behind the temple, also calls the Buddhist scriptures Chinese style pavilion, was Qing dynasty Kanghsi 39 (in 1706) duplicate constructs, is apart from the now nearly for 300 years.
The view the Chinese style pavilion is three opens the main hall, consecrates goddess of mercy three. The view in front of the Chinese style pavilion has two pines, one of them tree age had more than 1,700 years. In front of the Chinese style pavilion on the porch pillar carves the antithetical couplet, is written by DuFu, the association said: "The Buddhist monastery high opens Tungting lake to be wild, the palace foot inserts the red sand lake". But the Chinese style pavilion plaque "the Goddess of Mercy Chinese style pavilion" three characters are book by Tang dynasty grand calligrapher Ouyangxun.
To the foothill mountain temple, can be able not help the dignified heart, but outside temple scenery fluttering flags, scenery infinite, make the human to forget to return.
The cloud Lu palace is a Taoism place, it is composed by the entrance, Guan Didian, Lu Zudian, the Taoist trinity valuable palace and so on. Enters the mountain family status the first palace is GuanDi pavilion, is located the first floor of the Wangchiang building, the palace gate hangs "a cloud Lu palace" four characters plaques, the palace gate two side antithetical couplets said: "To the cloud extremely is the foothill, asks relieved is the palace". In GuanDi pavilion consecrates closes to the god picture. Above Guan Di pavilion is LuZu pavilion, is located in second floor of the Wangchiang building, in the palace presents LuDongbin the Lu ancestor idol, the palace goes against draw the Taiji picture and likely the number chart. After the Taoist trinity valuable palace is located Guan Di pavilion, in the palace presents the Taoist trinity to revere the idol, coming between is the yuan shi tian zun, occupies the left is works the valuable tian zun, to occupy the right is the moral tian zun. The palace about supposes Taoism four big heads of a Daoist sect pictures. Taoism the history which moves in Yuelu mountain is extremely remote, but Ming Xianzong the Cheng Hua 14 years (in 1478) built up the cloud foothill palace, Taoism take this as activity center in this area.
The white crane spring is located above the foothill mountain temple south side, this is a wonderful spring, sweet, taste tasty, all previous dynasties temple monk take it as the tap water. Above the spring builds has simple eave and the cubic pavilion, repairs has the netherworld and the white marble stone fence protects encircles.
The white crane spring south side cliff has as soon as smiles cries the crag, on underneath of white crane spring, has General separately the grave of Cai E and grave-keeping shack which introduced his life story, the grave-keeping shack of the modern democratic revolutionary Huangxing, also has Tan Fu grave, Chen Zuoxin grave, the Wu daoxing grave and so on. In addition, but also has "the understand heart stone building" carved stone, sound drum range scenic and so on spot.
Flies clock and fiy to come the stone also is the famous scenic spot in Yuelu mountain, flies clock hung on gingko tree nearby a cloud foothill palace, flies the stone under the fly to come the clock. Here scenery outstanding, quite has the love affair the flavor, carries on the base, listens to the wind to blow the clock cry, the mood can be specially spatial clear.
A hertz pitched slope is a natural landscape gathers, is located at the back of Hunan normal university, take megalith, glen, clear brook and flowers and trees as elemental composition. Here brook spring gurgling, flowers and plants luxuriant, delicate fragrance, rural feeling abundant. In a hertz pitched slope constructs Yunwang house, the hexagonal double-eaved roof, in the pavilion has the blue stele, is constructs for commemoration national hero YueFei. Neighbor constructs Hero Shrine, originally is Yuewang temple, stand at the summit duplicate yellow glazed tile, the contour has a liking for the grand magnificent sight.
The Yu tablet carves east of the Yu tablet cliff, the inscribed text 9 lines, 77 characters, end carve "the right emperor Yu system" 4 characters, the inscribed text are difficult to distinguish. under the Yu tablet is the Yu mark brook. YU is the hero which in the fable governs the flood, presents the order of Shun to regulate waterways, three main house gates have not entered, finally governs the good flood, be selected the successor by Shun because of merit. It is said, the YU tablet eulogizes the merit which Da Yu regulates waterways, but Yu mark brook was the process place which Da Yu regulates waterways.
The Yuelu mountain are many scenery, is the scenic spot nearly step by step, Yuelu mountain scenery is beautiful, make the tourist often fondly remembers.

>>The Yue foothill academy
The Yue foothill academy is one of Chinese most ancient academies, the Northern Song Dynasty Kaibao nine years (the A.D. 976 years) to organize, Zhenzong Xiangfu eight years (1,015) Zhoushi is really calling by the character and scholarship, ZhenZong give the name of Yue foothill academy. Then the Yue foothill academy is national one of four big academies. Had been through repeatedly Song, Yuan, Qing, Ming, each dynasty, the latter Qing dynasty (in 1903) changes the Hunan higher school, latter changed the Hunan higher normal school, in 1926 chose a name Hunan University, the historical already exceed millennium. From the ancient academy to Hunan University, inherits, song sung to a stringed instrument accompaniment not certainly, have reputation for rare "millennium school" by present age scholar. From the Yue foothill academy to the Hunan University's millennium school history, had reflected China educational system vicissitude, is a our country higher education history miniature.
The mountain foothill academy establishes the beginning, be known the world by its school and the dissemination academic culture. Academy occupying a land area of 25,000 square meters, floor space 7,030 square meters. In the principal axis is in turn the front door, hertz sunlight Taiwan, the front door, the second door, the lecture room, the imperial book building. The left of the main body building is a temple of Confucian learning, right for Baiquan porch and botanical garden construction, front door two sides for room shed.
On the academy front door has couplets hung in front of a hall, said: "Only Chu has the material, so it is development". The general idea is said the talented person which the Chu place in this convergance. The first scroll is Qing Dynasty Jiaqing years Yuan Mingyao who is the Chair of mountain foothill academy, the second line were make by ZhangZhongjie who is an academy's student at that time, two speeches stemmed from "Annals of Zuo" separately and "Confucian analects".
From the Ming dynasty Xuande beginning, repairs many times after the place official expands, the Yue foothill academy main body constructs each time concentrates in the axle wire, in front of the principal axis delays until the Xiangjiang River West bank, latter extends from the summit of Yuelu mountain, matches by the pavilion and dam at the memorial arch, builds the temple of Confucian learning in a spool thread side, formed in the academy history the pavilion and dam to aid, the pavilion faces one another, the mountain aqueous phase friendly grand landscape. Academy's lecture, the book collection, the sacrificial offering three big functions obtained the comprehensive restoration and the development, has established the extant building basic pattern.
The Ming Dynasty Yue foothill academic still opened studying take Zhu and hang as an ancestor. Qing Dynasty Yue foothill academy main instruction Confucianism and the sinology, the Daoguang Dynasty, the Wurongguang establishes the Hunan water school scripture hall in the academy, causes it to become the sinology research the strategic place. The end of the Qing, reform political reform ideological trend starting, the academy also started the new study dissemination, and has had the tremendous influence.
After Sino-Japanese War of 1894, the reform political reform movement emerges, requests the waste imperial civil service examination, to be popular the school. Guangxu 23 (in 1897) when Hunan serves the school to organize, latter changes name one after another strives for realism the academy, the Hunan big school. Guangxu 29 (in 1903) changed the Hunan higher school with the mountain foothill academy merge. After the 1911 Revolution, changes to the school, proposes to do Hunan University, the period moves into successively the Hunan higher normal school, the Hunan public industry college. Hunan University had been established officially to 1926.
The school although several passes through the transformation, changes name many times, but for the Hunan highest school, the original academy buildings has not changed. Today Hunan university has developed into a multi-disciplinary coordinated development comprehensive university. After the repair mountain foothill academy, the millennium school is continuing writes the new historical chapter.

>>The orange continent
The orange continent production in the A.D. 305 years, its begins in the A.D. six centuries, have the the great reputation because of the Du Fu beautiful line "orange continent field was rich", on the continent once has the amphibious temple, the arch extremely building, the middle of a river Chinese style pavilion and so on. In 1992, the orange continent is developed to the scenery scenic spot area of Changsha, It is gathered the traveling, the entertainment, the sports, the culture, business trade in a body, It has the aquatic surfing athletic field, the playground, the great food street with many food shops, the movie street, gymnasium, the international convention center, the country club, the technical garden and so on.
The orange continent is called small Penglai since old times: In the reed delivers the flute, the immortal Chinese style pavilion fine jade building; Exposes to the sun the net fishing village, the bamboo fence slanting protects, bustling place room partition, only listen the sound of clock and drum. The Tang Dynasty constructs the river pavilion, Songzhiwen the tender feelings of "Jiang Tingwang Is late" is still in, the poem Buddhist priest Qiji have already several "place above spring day continent". Song Dynasty constructs the middle of a river building, is famous ¡° the river sky evening snow ¡± of "the deep and clear Hunan eight scenery". Now swims the orange continent head, looks into the distance from a high place river water which torrential north goes.

>>The Mawangdui Han grave
It is located the Changsha cotton rose area Mawangdui township, altogether has three graves, respectively is Western Han Dynasty initial period Changsha country Prime Minister Hou Licang and his wife and son¡¯ grave.
On January 16, 1972 the archaeology worker has first excavated the Mawangdui Hangrave, this grave deeply amounts to 16 meters, in center in the inner and outer coffin side box crowds the massive funerary objects, may distinguish this grave by the cultural relic on writing is Western Han Dynasty Changsha country prime ministers benefits warehouse Madame XinZhui grave. In April 28, the archaeology personnel hits turns on the coffin lid, from this had discovered buried saves the underground more than 2,100 years still not rotten Han Dynasty female corpse.
On November 18, 1973 and on December 18, the archaeology personnel has excavated the third grave and the second grave separately, has determined the master of the third grave is the son of Licang, the master of the second grave is Jihou Licang, the Licang grave has lost very many funerary objects because are robbed many times.
The first and third grave of Mawangdui Han grave finds archaeological extremely numerous, in center only lacquerware and so on clock, tripod with two handles, francium, pot, box, lady's dressing case, plate, cup, wooden figurine, screen reaches 500. The first grave is precious. In the third grave unearthed silk book not only has in the world the earliest astronomy work "Five To divine by astrology", "Astronomy Meteorology Mixed Occupies", but also has the China most ancient medicine monograph "Arteries Law", "52 Sickness Sides" and so on. The painting on silk then has "South the Changsha Country Topographic diagram", "Garrison Chart" and so on, quite has the profound artistry and the usability.
Mawangdui Han grave archaeological finds not only variety many, also value extremely precious, the artistry is high, usable, has aroused the world interest, has caused a stir everywhere.
This century 70's, Mawangdui Han grave's archaeological finds move including Han Dynasty female corpse complete newly to the Hunan Province museum in "the Mawangdui Han grave exhibition hall" center.
In the overseas, the tourist often can places on the Mawangdui Han grave and the Chin Shihhuang burial figures ofwarriors and horses, but the Chin Shihhuang burial figures of warriors and horses are the world eighth big miracle, obviously Mawangdui Han grave's archaeological finds are how precious, also caused the how widespread stir effect, the Mawangdui Han grave archaeological finds has become the China ancient nation a treasure.

>>The Hunan Province museum
Hunan Province museum is located west the martyr park to lean, here is exhibiting from the Mawangdui Han grave unearthed cultural relic as well as 2100 ago Western Han Dynasty female corpse.
Mawangdui three Chinese graves unearthed precious cultural relic more than 3,000, the overwhelming majority preservation are altogether complete. Some plain gauze type clothes, the thin like cicada wing, the length 1.28 meters, also have the length sleeve, the weight only 49 grams, weaves the skill to be extremely excellent. The third grave unearthed more than 100,000 characters silk book as well as outside already was lost is lost the book. The second Chinese graves unearthed topographic diagram plan skill and modern map roughly approximate, the appraisal is extremely high.
From Mawangdui the first Chinese grave unearthed female corpse¡¯s physique is integrity, the whole body favor, the partial joints may move, the soft tissue still had the elasticity, was the anticorrosion study on miracle.
Comes to Changsha not to be possible not to come the museum as soon as to see more than 2,000 year ago the bright civilization.

>> Window of the world
It is located the Changsha northeast suburb Liuyang river bank, the occupying a land area of 400,000 square meters, is one of Hunan Province biggest culture traveling projects until now, also is the Hunan Province important spiritual civilization construction base and the film and television photography base.
Window of the world in Changsha take marvelous sight, the historical vestige, the ancient and modern scenic spot as well as the world common people residence, the folk custom character and style, the world dance art performance collects in a garden, has reappeared a wonderful world! It is take the human civilization is as the master line subject park; It is a big garden by the high level, high enjoys and high savors; A collection world character and style is succinct, the image lifelike nation first-class film and television photography base. It has manifested the nature and the humanities pays equal attention to, history, reality and fantasy coexistent spirit.
Window of the world of Changsha in the design of various scenic areas, it may be said is original but also each charm. The happy valley happy crazy fierce, love valley happy warm, the mystery valley is mysterious, the humorous interest garden humorous charming, the playground induces the correspondence, international street lively , there is no place not to be fascinating, there is no place does not forget to return.
Window of world joyfulness of Changsha, its centry interesting, irritant and profound cultural connotation perfect union classics work, causes us to offer to each tourist's careful manufacture energetic cultural product.
Window of the Changsha world indoor environment, the common people residence arrange for decoration, the folk custom character and style, the sports economy, the Chinese and foreign folk acrobatics, the vaudeville, the unique skill, the magic, the play, the acrobatics, the dance by the fixed-point performance, flows the performance, the square goes on patrol and so on the many kinds of performances form to unfold in front of the tourist. The high tech movie, the water curtain movie and the laser musical fountain, enable you to forget to return.

>>Sky overhead Chinese style pavilion
Changsha is the old city, the old city certainly has the historical site, the sky overhead Chinese style pavilion is one of them. The sky overhead Chinese style pavilion is located Changsha in the sky overhead park, is antique stands in the ancient city wall the pavilion, the sky overhead Chinese style pavilion ancient times on the famous three Hunan earth, also is the old city symbol.
The sky overhead Chinese style pavilion is located in the Changsha ancient city wall, is the Qianlong 11 years (1,746) by caresses the armed forces Yangxibei to manage constructs. Chinese style pavilion acquire fame by directing "Shangshu" the meaning of "salty to have a moralty, the gram enjoying t sky overhead". Garret total floor space 864 square meters, at that time for the highest of entire city. Today Chinese style pavilion body was in 1983 reconstructs, imitates the wood construction, the chestnut tile upturned eave, red beam and like the picture, the host vice- head librarian, by corridor. The entire Chinese style pavilion body assumes the arc shape distribution. The main Chinese style pavilion by 60 wooden poles struts, on has 32 high calligraphy stroke heads, 32 divine horses copper bear, 10 lips dragons. Around the Chinese style pavilion on the stone balustrade the vulture has 62 stone lions, but also has stone carving vehicle, horse, dragon, plum, bamboo, cotton rose and so on, has manifested the Changsha Chu Chinese famous city style, moreover in the Chinese style pavilion has also collected many celebrity calligraphies and paintings.
The sky overhead Chinese style pavilion is composed by the host vice- head librarian, as well as the corridor. Host Chinese style pavilion height 17.5 meters, in the center, the pedestal base builds by the granite, above the pavilion has three, three double-eaved roofs the summit, the eave upwarping, the glazed tile duplicate go against. The sky overhead Chinese style pavilion goes against under the eave, south hangs "the sky overhead Chinese style pavilion" three characters plaques. The sky overhead Chinese style pavilion ancient city wall founds in Ming dynasty Hongwu years, at that time took the part of city¡¯s city wall, at the same time, the concurrently military defense function, this section of ancient city wall altogether supposes nine forts, attaches constructs the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate, causes it to form the half-ring arch bound double city pattern, the entire place wall uses the ground mass brickwork, and after many times repairing. In 1993 modelled in the sky overhead Chinese style pavilion ancient city wall has "Peaceful Military spirit" the group sculpture.
Ascends the Chinese style pavilion to look out into the distance, is as far as the eye can see vast, can take the general sand old city scenery into view.

>>Shui Hui park
IT is located the eastwest of Rugao city , one of domestic famous gardens. The beginning constructs in being Ming dynasty Wanli years, for Rugao family the ninth ancestors Maoyiguan¡¯s villa. Latter for end of the Ming dynasty one of four sons Maopijiang and his lover Dong Xiaowan roosting hiding place. Presently Shui Hui park package of scoop up last bit of water bright building, rain fragrant hut two architectural complexes. The name of Shui Ming building takes from Du Fu "four degree of night the mountain to spit the moon, remnant night of Shui Ming building" sentence. The building cinstruct above the earthen bowl pond, is a ship's tower type waterside pavilion, its winding corridor, the garden and practice calligraphy the window with ornamental frame, like the wave fluctuation, produces an inverted image in the water, the appeal. In the building has stringed dam, the fable is the Dong Xiaowan¡¯s relic. The rain fragrant hut in its west leans, it is the studying place -- hid the jade room former site for Song Dynasty Zeng Wenzhao, was at the beginning of Qing dynasty reconstructs and changes the name to the rain fragrant hut. West in the courtyard has more than 800 years ancient Chinese juniper, calls it "the the Six Dynasties pine". East near washes the earthen bowl pond, Song Zunsu washes the earthen bowl to acquire fame in this.

>>Decides the bright temple
It is located at the south east end the corner of Rugao city, the beginning constructs at Tang Zhengua years, presently constructed for the Ming Wanli 35 years (in 1607) repairs. Great Cultural Revolution period, the image of Buddha all destroys, many palaces suffer the destruction, presently has repaired.
All esteems Buddhism from the Tang Dynasty to Qing Dynasty's all previous dynasties rulers. In the Rugao County city and countryside, Buddhism's influence is profound.
Erupts in the before nearly for 300 years from the center of 17th century until the Sino-Japanese War, decides the bright imperial sacrifices temple to push for Rugao County "the richest family", it has the up to ten thousand Chinese acres hirings land, in Zhangjiabao (nearby the now like Kedong County's moist bridge), Silibandu (now Hai'an County Ding family neighbor) to establish a branch village responsibly to collect rent. Massive obtained of farmland rents, it is there monk audiences life and the Buddhist ceremony expense main origin, also is the reason of its famous.
Decides the bright imperial sacrifices temple planar configuration to assume the glyph slightly, outside is the building hall, external is the palace. The door faces the north. Is equipped with two in turn by the entrance to the south along the axle wire. South side is grand valued pavilion, the Buddhist scriptures building, face north. In the last few years. Once some several ancient botanical gardens constructed the experts, the scholar come Rugao to visit , thought decided north the bright imperial sacrifices temple entrance to approach, actually was rare. North the temple has the ancient moat, south the temple has the protection the city moat, west has the victoria regia pond (already waste) in homeland of Bachelor Song Longtu pavilion Wangqu, east has the Tang Dynasty temple is completed when dredges sets free a captured animal the pond. Has the characteristic of "the pendular water ring temple, the building arms the pavilion, north the entrance approaches".
Now decide the bright imperial sacrifices temple passes through the large-scale repair to, the vertical entrance is back cloudy is becomes by levigation blue brickwork, the top of lintel horizontal book "decides the bright imperial sacrifices temple" four raised golden characters. A pair of stone lion sits well both sides the entrance. Enters the entrance is the Jin'gang palace, among the front surface is sitting well the big stomach maitreya Buddha which is radiant with smiles.
In the east and west two sides of Jin'gang palace, model the four great heavenly gods picture newly, the appearance and the posture respectively different; The growth Son of Heaven hand holds the sharp sword, the angry eye link opens the eyes; Holds the country Son of Heaven hand to hold the pipa, on is fearless regards; The widely experienced Son of Heaven hand holds the umbrella, the appearance is fierce; The broad item Son of Heaven hand seizes the dragon beast, the muscle collapses suddenly, but, their sword does not have the sheath, the qin does not have the string, the umbrella characterless, the dragon haven¡¯t scales, marvelous is interesting. Back south vertical is as soon as raises the eyebrow with the maitreya buddha to hold the pestle Veda Buddha.
Among the garden is placing the high valued tripoo , contributes for the followers casts. Passed through the garden, along nine heavy stone steps, is palatial grandly, resplendent in gold and jade green grand valued palice. The palace high more than 10 meters, are nine rest mountain style to join the palms in greeting the shape string edge brick wood construction. The high peak gets up in four upturned eaves rakes hangs has copper bear. Center the palace back the new installment reaches as high as two meters "the extremely happy guide", causes the main hall to appear the graceful magnificent sight.
In grand valued palace models newly reaches as high as ten feet six foot Lu big buddha (namely popular name Tathagata buddha), nods with a smile, looks gently, sits well above lotus flower's central committee. The back of this great Buddha the light shining in all directions, thousand Buddha circles, different modelling, the posture is exquisite. The upper boundary is fragrant, the flowered two saints, its side for the buddhist king, the emperor releases, the main hall east and west wings are 18 enlightened disciple of the buddha, each styles of makeup are different, lifelike, 12 circles sense Bodhisattvas appear intermittently in assume in the clouds dance in the air the shape. Back of wall the elder brother Lu Buddha is "the universal salvation" the Foshan sculpture, vividly indicated the friendly wealth young lad to see also 53 famous teachers successively, the Buddhism story which obtained enlightenment from South China Sea Puto Luo river gal mountain the Goddess of Mercy there finally, in Foshan altogether models has size image of Buddha 150, The the Goddess of Mercy gentleman sits in the center, the friendly wealth, dragon girl stood two sides, the entire layout density had sends, mounts the clouds and rides the mist, the human like enters its boundary.
The south side of the grand valued palace is "the Buddhist scriptures building", under the building eave is being hanging "the Buddhist scriptures building" and in that year Empress Dowager Cixi wrote personally "shines China" two Jin Zida the plaque.
The east side of the grand valued palace has the Goddess of Mercy building, Guan Di palace, cloudy water dam, the side abbot in charge of monks' quarters, the hall for sacrifices to ancestors, west the side has the greatly sad building, prays to Buddha the building, the room building, speaks the scripture hall and so on.

>>Opens the lucky temple
The open the lucky temple is located northern side of Changsha urban district, is one of our country key Buddhism temples, the beginning constructs after the five dynasties ten countries, Tang Mingzong the Tiancheng two years (the A.D. 927 years) all previous dynasties Buddhist ceremony to be prosperous, the eminent monk pours forth. Temple palatial, the layout integrity, the image of Buddha is complete, adjoins the hut palace and has gildsenlightened disciple of the buhhda 500. The entrance is five between seven columns three decorative archways types, 3 meter s high red wall arms the temple surround, in the entrance for will set free a captured animal the pond along the axle wire around, the oasis, front the level ground, the Maitreya religion palace, the grand valued palace, the rooms on either side is symmetrical, east for reception room, monastery, Mani institute and purple micro hall and so on, houses all by tune porch connection, irregular, quite will have the artistic value which the Ming and Qing Dynasties will construct.
This temple is a famous temple, is the school of Buddhism zen buddhism Linji buddhism Yanggqi. Has become for two years since the Later Tang Dynasty day (the A.D. 927 years) this temple foundation, the incense and candle is continuously exuberant. Opens the lucky temple area 48,000 square meters, the floor space 16,000 square meters, mainly by construction and so on entrance, three main halls is composed.
The Opens the lucky temple entrance for the memorial arch type construction, three doors and four columns, the main entrance has "ancient opens the lucky temple" four characters plaques, in front of the gate sets up the stone lion, the statue each one couple. Enters the entrance to see the setting free a captured animal the pond obviously, again crosses the stone bridge namely to three main halls. Three main halls are the temple hold the Buddhist ceremony, worships Buddha the place for the follower which burns incense, the first palace is the Maitreya religion palace (three temples), extends during three, the nave (Sakyamuni jade palace) is the main hall, the palace height 20 meters, in worships Buddha the ancestral portrait, the rear palace adjoins the Lu palace, also is three. Three main halls two sides construct the reception room, the monastery, the side abbot in charge of monks' quarters, the Buddhist scriptures building, touch the silk, the meditation room, read construction and so on hall for worshipping buddha, lecture room. Whenever the Buddhist ceremony approaches, opens the lucky temple always pilgrim to wind Ze not certainly, sea of people.

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