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Welcome to Changsha!
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The traffic of Changsha City

The traffic has been benefit since old times. Xiangjiang River connects with Dongting Lake and several hundred big and small watercourses such as Zi River, Yuan River, Li River and so on. Lingqu Trench had been cut between Xiangjiang River and Lijiang River to connect Yangtze River with the Pearl River Ditch in Qin dys. It is said that”°the products are transported on Xiangjiang River, thousands of boats are next to each other in the book called”¶The Book of Liang Dynasty”·”£Large boats had been made to ship 100,000 buckets of grain in Changsha since the six Dynasties. And nowadays, the transportation has been developing with an astonishing speed, which shortens the space time greatly between Changsha and all other places in the world. It has basically formed modernization transportation system that contains marine traffic, land transportation, and air traffic. And the highway network of the whole province has formed, taking up Changsha as the center place. Moreover, Changsha is the key position of the nation railway communication. The synthesis communication ability of Changsha occupies national 3rd, so it can communicate with more than 180 countries and areas all over the world.

External traffic

Changsha Yellow Flower Airport is a country level airport built in the end of 1980s. It could supply large and middle scale airplanes to take off and land day and night. 39 routes have been opened, in which have non-stop flights to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Bangkok and so on, more than 40 big and middle scale cities of the domestic and foreign countries.

Changsha is transportation hub in China, Beijing - Guangzhou Railway runs through the north and south, Hunan-Guizhou Railway and Zhejiang-Jiangxi Railway connects the east and west. Changsha-Shimen Railway has been building, it will increase the transportation amount after the building action has finished.
Changsha Railway Station is a modern railway station at the line of Beijing - Guangzhou Railway, there are the slow train waiting room, the express train waiting room, and the distinguished guest waiting room. Nearly one hundred trains leaves or passes by, getting to big and small cities of the whole country.

The roads extend in all directions in Changsha, with the traffic mileage more than 6,000 kilometers. The NO.107 national highways from Beijing to Shenzhen and the NO.319 national highways from Xiamen to Chengdu join in the city of Changsha. Every 10 minutes in daytime, there is one bus sent from Changsha to Xiangtan and one bus sent from Changsha to Zhuzhou as well. Every 30 minutes in daytime, there is one bus sent from Changsha to Ningxiang and Yiyang. Every day, there are eight buses sent to Changde and Chuangyan respectively. Every day, there are sightseeing buses sent to Shaoshan, Huaming building, Hengshan, Zhangjiajie. The NO.107, NO.319, NO.106 (national highways) and several freeways join in the downtown of Changsha. Changsha has been one of 45 cities with main hubs of road.

Water Carriage
The water of the Changsha Port can enter into rivers and the sea. At present, there have been navigable waterways to the coast of Yangtze River and the ports of Nanjing, Shanghai, Lienyungang and so on from the Changsha Port. At The Changsha Steamboat Center of Passenger Transport, there are scheduled ships to Yiyang, Jinshi, Anxiang, Changde, bushes street, Xiangtan, Xiangyin, Yueyang and so on every day. The first phase of construction has been built and used in The Xianing Port area which is the main hub of Changsha Port, and it has thousand tons levels of production capacity.

Transportation of the city

The main buses in the downtown of Changsha are from NO.1 to NO.12. In addition, there are more than 20 channels buses, more than one thousand Zhongba(a kind of bus), and about 6 thousands of taxies, going through all kinds of traffic lines in the downtown.
In the downtown of Changsha, there is a famous line called”°Li Shang Special Line”±, which begins with Changsha railway station and the terminal is Central South University of Technology, passing by scenic spot such as Yuelu shan and so on.
In addition, there are two local sight-seeing buses, NO.1 traveling line and NO.2 traveling line. NO.1 traveling line: from the railway station to Yuelu College, passing by Martyr Park, Provincial Museum, Rinsing Pond, Ship Mountain Institute, Yuelu Park and so on. NO.2 traveling line: From Nanjiao Park to Hua Xia Supermarket, passing by the First Normal School, the Sky Over Head Pavilion, the Scenic Sites along Rivers, Lucky Temple and so on. One ticket of the sightseeing bus can use two times, 3 Yuan every one.

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